Design and prototypes
In cooperation with our production workshop, our design office develops new products, works to improve manufacturing processes and provides technical support to our customers in addition to managing projects.
The 5 key steps for creating a glass product:
Verresatine-cahier des charges

Étape 1 : design

• Supply of plans, drawings or 3D renderings

• Explanation of the product’s end use

• Definition of requirements: mechanical strength, thermal resistance, transmission specifications, dimensional requirements, quality requirements, etc.

• Project timeline (short, medium or long-term)

• Target price

Disque verre percé
Verresatine Etude

Étape 2 : material definition

• Selection of the type of glass: Borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, quartz, glass-ceramic, optical glass, etc.

• Selection of any treatments to be applied to the design prototype glass (anti-reflection, anti-scratch, UV protection, etc.)


Verresatine Fabrication

Étape 3 : production launch

• Selection of a manufacturing technique (manual, semi-automated, automated)

• Hot work (blowing, lathe work, glass/metal fusing, flame polishing, etc.)

• Cold work (cutting, marking, gluing, etc.)

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Verresatine Coût
Étape 4 : pricing

• Pricing of the tools and design work = > a first quote with a delivery schedule is issued

• Modification of parameters, if needed

• Validation

Verresatine Prototypage
Étape 5 : production launch

• Creation of one or more prototypes

• Modification of parameters, if needed

• Launch in small, medium or large series

• Quality and conformity control

Organisation of the various process steps, reporting and collaboration

Our team will advise you on which glass is best-suited for your needs, in line with your requirements.

Through our partnerships with accredited laboratories, Verresatine can also provide:

pressure resistance certificates, temperature resistance certificates, dimensional surveys, etc.


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